it’s been 8 years since you guys debuted and you have been through everything literally. But you guys practiced and through blood, sweat, and many many tears. You’ve proven to the world just how successful you guys have gotten and the greatness that you can achieve.
We thank you for everything…
8 years of beautiful music
8 year happiness,
8 years of love,
8 years of being together..
We love you guys and we will always be loving you forever! ♥

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 Oh kyuuuu

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Happy8thAnniversarySuperJunior. 슈퍼주니어사랑해요.

"We will spend more time than what we have spent together. My dear members… and fans… Let’s keep making good memories and amazing history.

Not a moment, but forever. Not an end, but an and

We are truly Super Junior!"  -Leeteuk

OH MY GAD!! ahahahahahahahahahahahah! i miss this guy!


Super Junior’s selcas together through the years

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@HeeZZinPang: This doesn`t look like LeeSin; (looks like) a retard (byungsin).. ©

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@AllRiseSilver: At the lounge… ©